support to children and women

Psychosocial support to children and women

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In Batken, Red Crescent volunteers and staff provide psychosocial support to children and women who are in temporary residences. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Development, leisure activities are organized for children - reading books, drawing and more. 

The disaster response team delivered hot meals for the doctors of the Batken Regional and City Hospital. In total, 12,218 residents were evacuated in Batken district and placed in collective centers and with relatives. In addition, a Red Crescent response team from Talas region has been assembled to Batken oblast. It is noted that earlier, on the 30 April, in the morning, a team from Osh and Jalal-Abad regions arrived for support. Today, there are 35 members of the Red Crescent team in Batken region, consisting of trained employees and volunteers who are able to provide first aid, psychosocial support, assess the needs of victims, and deliver humanitarian aid.

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