of armed conflict

Victims of armed conflict

2 Май , 13:01 258

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To date, the number of victims is 178 people, 34 of them were killed. This was announced at a briefing by First Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development Aliza Soltonbekova. 

According to her, 1 of the victims is a medic. Ashirali Burkanali uulu, a paramedic of the Batken regional Cеnter of family medicine , was admitted on the 29th of April with a closed craniocerebral injury, concussion of the brain. She noted that at night 8 more victims were transferred to Bishkek. So, to date, 56 victims continue to receive treatment in capital city. And in the Batken region, 29 people are in hospitals. According to Soltonbekova, the rest of the victims were sent for outpatient treatment and discharged after receiving medical care. The official noted that all the hospitals involved in Bishkek and Batken region currently have enough medicines and medical products, blood and other components.

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