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Help for Batken

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"Help for Batken". What do the evacuated residents need?

In the Batken region, more than 27 thousand residents were evacuated from their places of residence.

The Foundation "League of Defenders of the Rights of the Child" informs what there is a need for:

- alcohol wet wipes,

- diapers,

- infant formula for children, cereals,

- baby strollers,

- generators for generating electricity,

- baby clothes, diapers,

- antiviral drugs and cold medications,

- thermometers,

- blankets, warm clothes,

- toys, balls, albums,

- a projector, a laptop, to put movies and cartoons for children, to relieve psychological stress.

- antibiotics

- paracetamol in liquid form,

- dicynon,

- aminacaproic acid,

- etamzelat,

- bandages, gauze, cotton wool, sterile wipes,

- hemostatic tourniquets (not rubber)),

- disol,

- sodium chloride in vials,

- syringes,

- reopoliglyukin in vials,

- medical glycerin,

- gliatilin, ceraxone in ampoules,

- nitroglycerin in ampoules and tablets,

- ebrantil in ampoules,

- magnesium sulfate in ampoules,

- painkillers: ketonal, morphine.

Things can be brought to the Sports Palace in Bishkek round the clock.

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