is well in Batken

All is well in Batken

3 Май , 12:00 253

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Today the situation is stable in all districts and villages of the Batken region on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. Security in border villages is monitored by police officers, as well as by internal troops and other security forces. 

Police officers are increasing security at checkpoints and in border areas. First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Suyun Omurzakov, together with police patrols, visits villages along the Kyrgyz-Tajik border, where clashes occurred, meets with citizens, explains about the observance of security on the ground and the need to prevent any offenses together with police officers and voluntary people's guards. Currently, law enforcement agencies continue to work around the clock in the Batken region in order to maintain public order and security, and prevent illegal actions.

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